The Art Project Fusion
Curator: Octavian Neagu
tel: +45 20991217
Gallery Katharsis
Nansensgade 16, kld.
DK- 1366 Copenhagen C

Title of the project: Art Project Fusion


Art Project Fusion wants to create a series of art happenings/events, such as: exhibitions, workshops, performances, videos, installations and art conferences which explore the subject of "cultural fusion".
The Art Project Fusion is based on a cultural exchange between 28 artists from 11 different countries. Fusion is about creating a series of art happenings in Copenhagen and in the native countries of the participants. The project starts in February 2004.
The project has an interactive character and consists of various forms of artistic expression such as: painting, installations, video and internet art, as well as art conferences, where lecturers from science, religion, literature, music will be invited. Each of the participating lecturers will examine the concept of 'fusion' and its implications in their subject areas.
The intention is to form a dynamic international and cosmo- political art milieu which will contribute substantially to the cultural life of Copenhagen and appeal to a wide range of the Copenhagen public.
With Art Project Fusion the goal is to contribute positively to aspects of globalisation. We believe that this can be achieved by exploring different forms of communication. Simultaneously the goal is to involve the Copenhagen cultural landscape in an international perspective.


Mariella Brandusa,
Gallery Katharsis, Nansensgade 16. 1366, Copenhagen, DK.
tlf: +45.333.308.63


Background, idea and purpose.

The present is marked by a disintegration of cultural values, which has influenced peoples' everyday lives for a thousand years. The 'national' cultures are confronted by intervention from several foreign cultures. The opportunities for fast communication and transport plus extensive migration contribute to a global cultural confrontation. Globalization is thus considered by many to be a negative process- leading us to a world of different peoples bereft of culture.

The central idea behind the Art Project Fusion is to contribute positively to the process of globalization by showing how a meeting between artists from several countries can create new idioms and expressions. This creates an opportunity for a new synthesis of expression in the artists' native countries. The intention is to provide a breeding ground for understanding and realization of each other's cultures, enriching the artistic language by functioning as each other's eyes from the outside; finding resemblances, which allow us to be able to position ourselves between cultures and noting the differences which are enriching and inspiring.
The purpose with Art Project Fusion is to create a cultural space with art as the basis by which to expand the concept "fusion" for art happenings whereby we consider: exhibitions, workshops, performances, video installations and art conferences- on the subject of "fusion". The art conferences illustrate the subject of "fusion" by employing representatives from science, religion, sociology, music etc.
The Art Project Fusion addresses a wide spectrum of different interests among the public because of its intercultural and has interdisciplinary perspectives.

Project Description

The Art Project Fusion is built on the assumption that national characteristics can be traced in art and that fusion between the national, cultural characteristics will be able to provide a breeding ground for enrichment and renewal of the artistic and cultural heritage. Therefore we will be working with the following question:

Is it possible that a lengthy cooperation between artists from different countries and cultures can change the artistic language in art?

We want to explore the changes of the artistic language- these are linked to artistic expression- which is based in our special form of communication.
Our hypothesis is that if it is possible to observe changes in art as product of an intercultural cooperation then fusions will occur between the participating people, including the public. Thus these fusions will contribute to the positive aspects of globalization which is the fundamental idea behind Art Project Fusion

Methods and Goals

The Art Project Fusion wants to create a series of art-happenings/events, such as: exhibitions, workshops, performances, videos, installations and art-conferences on the subject of "fusion".

- Workshops containing demonstrations of various working methods, e.g. there will be an opportunity to meet with a Japanese artist and see a presentation of his working methods- influenced by the silence of meditation, concentration and precision.
- Performances consisting of, among other things, a bodily/visual execution of a work of art which expresses a joining- a fusion- between art and the artist.
- Video installations
- Art conferences which will contain lectures from representatives of e.g. science, religion, sociology, music etc. Each of the lecturers will relate to the subject/theme 'fusion' and its implication in their field.

In order to influence each other artistically a part of the working method will involve the participating artists visiting each others country/home and a compilation of the works from the stay will be exhibited in Copenhagen and in the participating countries.
The Art Project Fusion means that in the interaction between the artists, the public and the representatives of science, music, sociology, religion etc. a forum is created, whereby there is a possibility for establishing (new) connections or fusions between the different disciplines.
Furthermore, the artistic products and lectures which are created during Art Project Fusion will be published, in book form, and can be used as teaching materials or as an inspiration for executing intercultural projects in the future.


The Art Project Fusion involves 28 artists from 11 countries- including Denmark as both a participant and the instigator of the project- who all have in common that they have an international focus. With these artists as primus motor we will create a series of art events in Denmark and in the participating artists' countries. Each art event is part of a series containing diverse and new aspects and discoveries concerning the concept of "fusion". The artists behind Art Project Fusion represent many numerous ways of expression: painting, video art, performance, sculpture, graphics, installation art, photography etc. This wide spectrum of artistic communication will impregnate the individual art events and thereby conceive a special visual story on the concept of "Fusion".

Art Project Fusion will be introduced at Gallery Katharsis whereupon there will be a series of art events in Copenhagen and the project will be introduced later in Odense, Aarhus and Aalborg all in Denmark. Similar art events will take place in the participating countries where the artists concerned are responsible for the arrangements in their own country.

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